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Weather can be fickle It can close airports and reschedule flights. When four adult children manage to stand-by and catch flights home only a day late, we managed to extend our vacation by finding an all-inclusive resort on a beach next to the airstrip. They put us out on the farthest end of their property, pointed us toward the free bar, and provided hot showers. Thank you Dutch side.

Whenever I return from vacation, I’m always surprised by the abundance of life in these United States. I am returning to the crazy Christmas season. Reuse and recycle is my mantra – maybe even regift?




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Today we return to the real world. We say “a Bientot” to our French friends, the turtles, the sand and the most beautiful island on earth. At home I’ll cuddle Ms Bean and call the MIL. And I’ll try very hard to hold on to this feeling of slow.



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We’ve been enjoying a tropical Thanksgiving week on an island in the French West Indies. I am grateful for the beautiful weather, the warm Carribean sea, and my little family of six. With the Rocker’s touring schedule and the Newlywed’s Chief year, it’s a wonder we could all manage to vacation together and I am acutely aware of this moment. Below is the view out our kitchen window. breathe…

We also feed the family of turtles who live under the pool. They absolutely love bananas and today we found a baby turtle. We’ve taken to naming them and they like to follow us around. The baby will let us
pet him. If you would like to know the sex of a Turtle, just ask us! I’m hoping to see an iguana before we leave. Here is Maude and Cb with the baby tortue (turtle in French).

And now for the Hare. I’m currently reading “The Hare with Amber Eyes.” I am 71 percent finished since the Kindle tells me so. My friend Diane the art historian told me about this non-fiction book. Without giving too much away, it’s the story of a very wealthy Jewish family and their collection of tiny Japanese bibelots called “netsuke.” These are small carvings of ivory and wood depicting country scenes like rabbits, rats, and turtles, even fishermen with nets. Beautifully intricate delicate beyond imagination, these netsuke were the only thing saved from the Nazis for a great nephew. The author, Edmund de Waal, weaves his family history into the political landscape of pre-WWII with compelling results




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Bonjour! This contest is open to all my friends and followers. It is closed, I’m sorry to say to my relatives including step, foster and in-laws, who ostensibly know the answer. Oh and this includes you Big Chillers too! It is a photo journalist’s gastronomic palette of plates. Can you guess where our family is this Thanksgiving? Only answers on the blog comment page will be accepted and the winner gets a cap and a coup on the back (notice the hints?)! Good Luck!






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Once upon a time in Cville, there was a Rhodesian Ridgeback who lived above a shop called “Rock Paper Scissors” on the Historic Downtown Mall. Every day around noon, her master would open the balcony door and she would wait for the tall green pastry chef hat and the familiar call, “Hayden, Hayden, I have cookies for you!”

Dotty Cappellino makes the most scrumptious cupcakes at her bakery right around the corner called “Cappellino Crazy Cakes.” In her apron she has taken to carrying dog treats. I will often have dog treats in my pockets, doesn’t everyone? Watching their ritual, the overhead throw of treat to dog, I thought of Buddha. How the Rumson garbage men would throw him biscuits, and the old Italian doctor on his bicycle would ride by and deliver small treats.

And I thought of the Bride and Groom cupcakes, made to honor their dogs Bailey and Guiness. Anita Gupta of Maliha Creations fashioned the sweetest pair; an Irish Cream vanilla and a Guiness Stout chocolate confection perfection. And I stood there on the mall and smiled because time was converging all around me. The past was just as alive as the present.

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Whenever the Rocker and his girl CB come to visit, we love to swing through our town’s varied consignment and vintage stores. There are almost as many spots devoted to old clothes in Cville as we have displaying used books. It seems right that a small city under TJ’s mountain would value such things! In a town on another mountainside when I was a young bride, we had one vintage shop called Grey Gardens. Back before vintage was cool, I could pick up a roaring 20’s dress for a fund-raising gala or a hoop-skirted antebellum outfit for my SIL’s Pilgrammage in Holly Sprimgs, MS for a song.
CB has the gift. She can spot a trend before it knows it’s a trend. Her fashion eye is impeccable, because after all she is studying and working in the design biz. Truth be told, this gift was God-given; she is a natural. A beautiful young woman within and without. If she wanted to compete on one of those new reality shows, like Next Design Star, or New Fashion Hunter, or New Great Artist, (in full disclosure,sometimes I make up titles since i am not a big fan of reality TV) she would win hands down. Which is why I can’t wait to show her Cville’s latest High Dollar shop, Vintage Vixen! Dolce, Dior, Laurent look out, here we come!




In this economy, reusing makes sense. And why not recycle in style? My friend Wendi started Leftover Luxuries a few years ago and she will be showcasing her gently used extraordinary furniture and clothes in Westport,CT this week 11/18 -27. Stop by and tell her I sent you!

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From the Lee Park Occupy Cville Movement. The Robert E Lee Monument was erected in 1924 to honor the Commander of Northern Virginia. Did you know that all the Civil War statues in the South are situated with their backs to the North?

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