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“One’s own way, choice, or preference.” This is the Word of the Day on dictionary.com today. I open up this site whenever I sit down to write so that I can effortlessly check spellings or meaning. In the old days I had a huge Oxford English Dictionary by my desk, which sat in a corner of my dining room. Now I can blog (aka write) on a bike at the gym, upload photos, even video, and post (aka publish) all at the same time, while working out, on my iPhone. And for this I have Steve Jobs to thank!

Which brings me back to “druthers.” Everyone knows he was a college drop-out, that he started his own movie company when he was booted from Apple (in part for his “abrasive personality”), and that he continued to design and innovate after a liver transplant and a devastating cancer diagnosis. What rings true to me about Steve, and most other inventors who were told that “it” can’t be done, is they pressed ahead. In some way, sticking to doing something their own way, going against the fold, being abrasively focused on a goal, is what got them to the next big thing.

The iPhone I’m using is my very first Apple product, but it was love from the get-go. Still getting to learn its innermost secrets, it has now, three months later, been replaced by the iPhone 5. But that’s OK, Bob has the older model iPad too, so we are limping toward the technological future together. He can’t skype, but I can do facetime. So if I had my druthers, the word of the day for me is “Intuitive.” I was showing a fellow knitter yesterday how I text my kids on the iPhone, she was worried it would be too hard to learn. I watched as she slid a keyboard out of her phone and went through the next few steps in order to text.

So thank you Steve Jobs, for daring to dream big, for never giving up, for your incredible intuition.

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