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Progress. It’s here to stay; technology races further ahead than most of us can imagine. How to stay at the cutting edge, how to know what’s next. Should we get the smaller “Tablet,” the thinner “Laptop?” One of my first newspaper articles in the 80s came about because I was tending a wood stove while Bob was carting his first “At-Home” computer up the stairs to his office. The juxtaposition of these two events piqued my funny bone. Bob likes to tell the story of the man who sold buggy whips.

He made the best, most beautiful buggy whips around. Just the right length, real leather, with handles that were oh, so ergonomically correct. The problem was it was 1896 and Henry Ford had built his first Quadricycle. You can see what’s coming, right? “And as the Quadricycle began to attract public attention, investors were intrigued. With the backing and influence of the mayor of Detroit, Henry Ford incorporated his first automobile company, the Detroit Automobile Company, in 1899. It had a short life, but Henry Ford’s career as an automaker had begun.” Who wants to be the buggy whip guy at the dawn of the automobile age?

Warning – Bob stop reading now! I just heard about a book I think I’ll be stuffing in Bob’s Hanukka stocking. “The Disappearance of Darkness” by Robert Burley http://darkness.robertburley.com is about the end of the analog photography era. When we were first married, Bob always longed for a dark room in any house we looked at. It didn’t have to be much, maybe a closet, a place where my amateur photographer could develop his film. It seems truly amazing that in the last 7 years Eastman Kodak has gone from being a top Fortune 500 company to a buggy whip. Steve Jobs was the Ford of our day.

Video stores and record stores are closing, maybe even bookstores? When you can make a memory book of photos for a Great Grandma, then type a little more and have my holiday cards done sealed and delivered (thank you Shutterfly); if our music can come from a cloud, what’s next?

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A rainy, foggy good morning to you! Do you know that there’s been a feud going on for a long time between two rivals? No, not the Hatfield and McCoy one, although that took place in my neighboring state of West Virginia. I’m talking about a world domination battle, over directions. Apple and Google have been dueling it out over “Maps” from the Apps inception, and finally Apple has said, enough! http://www.macworld.co.uk/ipad-iphone/news/?newsid=3363364&pagtype=allchandate

Remember the good old days when you’d be driving along in a car with the hubby and you’d get lost? Inexplicably, unbearably lost. You’d be squinting down at a gas station paper map that made absolutely no sense. And you’d want to stop the nearest stranger and ask for directions. But no, that would never do. The male of our species can never show his belly, he must always look large and in charge especially while driving. Some of the best (and by that I mean worst) fights of my married life have occurred inside the confines of a 4 door sedan.

But then we saw the light. There, on a suction cup on our windshield, we feeble travelers could attach a GPS, and the world became our oyster, No more fights, no more he said/she said, even though we would print out a Google map just in case. ER docs, who happen to be pilots, are all about the emergency back-up plan. Now I have this lovely female voice (mine has an Australian accent thanks to the Rocker) guiding me on my travels to Nashville and beyond. And it was in Nashville, while trying to find the Full Moon Pickin Party with the Bride driving, that I first saw her pull out her phone; she handed it to me with instructions to follow the bouncing red ball!

Now my brilliant daughter, the one who has just finished her Chief year in Emergency Medicine, the one with the bouncing blue dot on her phone, has married her North Star. But I can tell you that she could not find her way to the mall as a teenager. The road to the beach was a straight shot, so that was fine, but get her off the peninsula and all was lost. What is it about a sense of direction? Why do some of us have it, while some of us are forever back tracking. Her MOH made that the theme of her toast at the wedding, since she was the navigator on most of their exploits. They managed to travel all around France twice as teenagers, before GPS was invented. I know, hard to imagine.

Still, I think I will miss getting lost in the future. Not the fights, or the feeling of helplessness. But the amazing back roads, the new people, finding an old country store with handmade quilts, the adventure. All those bumps in the road help you slow down and appreciate your surroundings. And since I’m an Apple person now, I’ll just have to say so long to Google on my iPhone. It’s been fun even though I rarely use your bouncing red ball, there’s only so much technology I can swallow. Apple’s new App will have “…real-time traffic conditions, turn-by-turn navigation, Yelp integration, vector graphics, and 3D flyovers. The new Maps app, due out this fall with iOS 6, means the end of the Google Maps-powered app that iOS devices have used since 2007.”

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Good Morning Everyone! Who knew that “Red Flag” warnings meant absolutely glorious weather. Not a cloud in sight! I didn’t even know what it meant; blue skies, 70’s, a good breeze and no rain? Seems perfect to me, but the weather folk want us to watch out for fires. So instead of red, let’s call this a Fuchsia Flag day! Miss Bean spotted 4 deer grazing down the hill and started her day with a romp and a good barking session. Her work is done.

And speaking of work, are you a procrastinator? I’ve noticed lately that due to my never-ending need to stay on trend, or with-it, I get to my actual writing later and later. First it was the Bride talking me into joining Facebook, and I must admit I was more up-to-date on the Egyptian revolution via Facebook than any other news outlet. Then, the Rocker told me that Facebook is over and Instagram is next. So snap, he took our picture with my iPhone and now I’m thinking visually all the time. Guess Facebook got that message cause they bought it for a Billion yesterday! http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57411451-93/instagram-how-to-go-from-zero-to-$1b-in-under-two-years/?tag=fd2010TopHeadlines.0
And you know about the tornado and Pinterest.

The promise was that I would check all these things in the same way I check my emails in the morning. Coffee, 20 emails, coffee, cousin gathering Easter eggs, coffee, cool pic of niece’s baby in pink forest, coffee, who just pinned my Celtic Barbie? Great! Only if you tend to be just a tiny bit ADD, one thing leads to another and you’re starting to write around lunchtime. Well hold on to your hats, cause I’m streamlining my tech-life, yesterday I took a bite out of the forbidden Apple! Goodbye ancient, ten year old desktop Dell PC, hello Mac Pro. You look marh-ve-lous!! No more rebooting every time I upload pictures from my camera… or every other day for no reason. Now wish me luck in learning how to speak this wonderful new language and can anyone explain the whole “in the cloud” thing to me? “There‚Äôs no need to dock or sync to your computer. With iCloud, it just works.” Exactly!

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“One’s own way, choice, or preference.” This is the Word of the Day on dictionary.com today. I open up this site whenever I sit down to write so that I can effortlessly check spellings or meaning. In the old days I had a huge Oxford English Dictionary by my desk, which sat in a corner of my dining room. Now I can blog (aka write) on a bike at the gym, upload photos, even video, and post (aka publish) all at the same time, while working out, on my iPhone. And for this I have Steve Jobs to thank!

Which brings me back to “druthers.” Everyone knows he was a college drop-out, that he started his own movie company when he was booted from Apple (in part for his “abrasive personality”), and that he continued to design and innovate after a liver transplant and a devastating cancer diagnosis. What rings true to me about Steve, and most other inventors who were told that “it” can’t be done, is they pressed ahead. In some way, sticking to doing something their own way, going against the fold, being abrasively focused on a goal, is what got them to the next big thing.

The iPhone I’m using is my very first Apple product, but it was love from the get-go. Still getting to learn its innermost secrets, it has now, three months later, been replaced by the iPhone 5. But that’s OK, Bob has the older model iPad too, so we are limping toward the technological future together. He can’t skype, but I can do facetime. So if I had my druthers, the word of the day for me is “Intuitive.” I was showing a fellow knitter yesterday how I text my kids on the iPhone, she was worried it would be too hard to learn. I watched as she slid a keyboard out of her phone and went through the next few steps in order to text.

So thank you Steve Jobs, for daring to dream big, for never giving up, for your incredible intuition.

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