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When you come from the garden state, which boasts of its Mischief Night – something I was surprised to find is NOT a national happening…really, I had to explain it to my new Southern friends – you take All Saints Eve very, very seriously. I actually made my kids’ costumes, that is until they hit that middle school age when it had to be sexy/rocker/chick or scary/bloody/zombie and they roamed the streets in large gangs of pre-adolescent, sugar fueled energy. My favorite costume was quilting a felt turtle shell for the Rocker’s ninja Michelangelo. He wore it to the opening of the Ninja Turtle movie and teenage girls just praised and loved him in it. This surprised his mortified older sister, she had been lobbying against the whole idea! My second fave costume was this hedgehog, notice the two Corgis, Blaze and his mama Tootsie Roll, nipping at his heels:

I admit it, I was crafty back in the day. But yesterday on the beautiful UVA Lawn, students opened their doors to trick-or-treaters in record numbers and with some of the most creative costumes I’ve ever seen. One Mom of three was holding a fur wrapped baby Toto, while big sisters Dorothy and Glinda strolled under rusty red leaves. Another Mom, married to a law student, pushed an ambulance pram with baby in bandages while big brother ambulance chaser stood by opening candy wrappers. And of course, our adopted Nashville grandchildren won the prize for the cutest/sweetest/most darling children of them all!

Here’s to you Captain Hook and Tinkerbell, spread that fairy dust around cause on Halloween, no matter what your age, we can all be children again.


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