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We’re right in the middle of Hanukkah, and I’m feeling so hopeful.

An ER doctor in Rhode Island, a Critical Care nurse in New York – the Covid-19 vaccines are being delivered right into the arms that need them the most! It won’t be long now until the Bride finds out about her Moderna trial, and the Groom gets vaccinated. Bob and I will be third or fourth on the list I’m sure, old enough and too healthy, certainly non-essential. Until then, I’ll continue wearing my pink floral mask. and keeping my distance. Shivering as we light Hanukkah candles on the porch again tonight, but we’re still together.

Oh and let’s not forget the arcane Electoral College. Starting at noon today, just as I was eating a tuna melt, 538 members of the college started to cast their votes for the next president of these United States. Every state has certified their votes, but the mass media is covering these electors like they are rock stars. I guess with Mr T, this year IS different. In his alternate reality, his version of the Truman Show we’ve all had to endure, he could still win! Yes folks, and if he says it loud enough and often enough his loyal apostles will believe him. Spoiler alert, Biden wins! But if you’d like to follow along: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/12/14/us/elections/electoral-college-results.html?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage

Also in other news this week, our democracy was saved by SCOTUS after 106 House Representatives asked them to invalidate millions of ballots, despite no evidence of fraud in our electoral process – and they did the right thing! But think how close we came to a coup.

And let’s not forget about the backlash an opinion writer for the Wall Street Journal received after penning a misogynistic essay, “Is there a doctor in the White House? Not if you need an MD.” He wrote dismissively about Dr Jill Biden, saying that an EdD is not equivocal to an MD, that no one should be called a doctor unless they delivered a baby?! Well, guess what, Dr Jill did birth a baby. I mean, women everywhere told him what for. Dr Ada got her doctorate in psychology at the age of 65, and she relished using that Dr in front of her name.

This WSJ Opinion writer may have inadvertently converted millions of new feminists!

Maybe during a regular, Covid-free year, this season of non-stop joy fills you with angst. Maybe you too have lost a loved one. We’ve all had to adapt our holiday celebration plans to meet the surge of this virus, and that can be difficult and lonely at times. To combat the blues, here a few things our neighborhood did this week:

1) We arranged to have individually packaged lunches delivered to the Vanderbilt Covid ICU. We can’t thank our healthcare workers enough now, but this little gesture helps. 2) Our dear friend Berdelle gave out bundles of daffodils to plant now so that we can all enjoy the yellow explosion to come next year! 3) Bob and I got together with neighbors-in-masks to plant four memorial trees this past weekend in our local park; one for Ada, one for a friend’s father, another for a friend’s mother and one for a friend’s sister. All of the trees are Green Whisper Bald Cypress, and they grow well in our Nashville soil.

And what can be more hopeful than planting a tree?

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