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While we are all getting unzipped today on Google http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/apr/24/gideon-sundback-celebrated-google-doodle?newsfeed=true I thought I’d opine at the intersection of art and reality. Bob was caught watching his favorite movie on TV the other day, The Sting. Truth be told, a movie that includes Newman AND Redford would have to count as one of my favorites too. Like certain baseball movies, The Sting appeals mostly to men, and was produced in the 70s amidst a whirlwind of social change. Set in Depression era Chicago, it’s a buddy film, a comedy/crime caper with a thieving banker as the villain. Hmmm. Is revenge ever enough?

For some strange reason, seeing John Edwards getting hauled into court this week is reminiscent of that classic movie. Two pretty boys colluding to con the American people. Or was it his wife, Elizabeth, he was trying to shield from his mistress. Edward’s closest aide, Andrew Young, is now a witness for the prosecution. And now we learn that Young has sold the movie rights to “The Politician,” a scandalous page-turner he wrote about his former boss. After all, this is the guy who claimed he was the father of the mistress’ baby. He was the one who helped funnel almost a million dollars of ‘political donations’ to help cover up the affair as Edwards ran for the Presidential nomination.

Who will play Edwards and Young in this modern day Sting? Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling? And the villain, I’d say Reese Witherspoon would make a great mistress, or wait, maybe Young is the villain for snitching to the Feds? I have to think that Europe is laughing at us again, for the puritanical interest our press seems to have with our presidents. And just for more comic relief, we have the secret service demanding a discount for its secret menage a trois services. Sex and power, it just doesn’t get any better than that! If convicted of 6 criminal counts of attempting to grift the campaign finance rules and regs, the former senator from NC may have to face up to 30 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines. And that would be a crime.

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