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There came a time about ten years into our marriage, when a cardiologist gave Bob the verdict – “Limit yourself to fruits and vegetables, with spartan quantities of chicken and fish.” That’s exactly what he said, I remember it like it was yesterday. What can you do about genetics? He had an uncle drop dead of a massive MI on a ski slope at 57; if I wanted to keep him around I had to learn how to cook a little differently. He’s allowed the occasional steak, as evidenced by last Tuesday’s post, but it’s a rare event.

I was the kind of Catholic who ate frozen fish sticks begrudgingly on Fridays. So I set about learning to love fresh fish and ground turkey, and of course chicken in all its many disguises. This recipe is something I’ve come to cherish from the French West Indies: Fish au Vanilla. I know, sounds funny, but believe me, it’s delicious. And requires only one pan.

For the fish for 2 (and a part sammi dog who adores fish): a pound to a pound and a half of any firm fish fillet – mahi, scrod, dorade; I used sashimi grade tuna. Cut it into 1 inch chunks, sprinkle with some vanilla flavoring and put back in the refrigerator for a few hours.

  • Chop: 1 garlic clove, 1 shallot, 1 leek, half green pepper, 2 baby bok choy (and maybe one regular bok choy if you like the white crunchy part)
  • Saute: garlic, shallot, vanilla bean and pepper in EVOO for 2 min
  • Add: fish and fry, stirring so the fish doesn’t stick for 3-4 min
  • Pour: coconut water and white wine (1/3 cup each?) add a dollop of ginger honey and soy/ginger sauce – let simmer a minute
  • Add: the rest of the veggies, cover and simmer 10 minutes

As you can see this dish is more like a fish stew. To make a thicker sauce, add more of the soy and less wine. Add some shell fish if you’d like to make an interesting bouillabaisse. The next day it’s even better as a tuna noodle casserole your mom never could have even thought of making! Just make a a good roux with butter and flour, add grated cheese (cheddar or maybe something French?), add the leftover veggie/fish  sauce, flake the tuna, mix with some egg noodles and bake. Yum….no soup cans were harmed or opened!

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