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Are you following the Republican caucuses? One pundit I could listen to for hours is Chris Matthews, and this morning he described the New Hampshire voters as “…flinty.” Although not familiar with this adjective, I knew exactly what it meant when he said it. Of or pertaining to flint, “…unyielding; unmerciful; obdurate: as in ‘a flinty heart.'” Anyone who digs in this Albemarle red clay dirt knows a thing or two about flint; and having lived in New England for over a decade, I knew the Hardball host was spot on.

Let’s look at the positive side of flint. It is an extremely hard and opaque piece of quartz that can be used to make a fire, just in case you find yourself lost in the woods. It’s not decorative like chalcedony, it’s useful. Humans have fashioned tools out of flint for centuries. When your ancestors have forged a living out of such rugged terrain, you’d better believe the New Hampshire voters are made of strong stuff. And if you happen to love covered bridges, and who doesn’t, you can take a virtual tour of over 50, like this one @ Happy Corner, here: http://www.nh.gov/nhdhr/bridges/table.html

Enough about New England, and on to Old England. The second season of Masterpiece Theater started out this week with a bang – right through that lying, villainous valet’s hand! I’m officially an old codger because I adore Downton Abbey. I’m sure we Boomers are leading the American addiction to a period series about WWI era landed gentry and their servants. And some are asking why? As much as I love our native son, (Grisham’s new legal series The Firm was opposite DA on Sunday night), I just can’t look away from these characters. Maggy Smith being one flinty example!

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