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A Dog Walk in January; My First Outing to a Store in February; Our March Vacation in Hawaii

Historic Nashville

In April We Begin the Search for a Home; First Time Dining Indoors in May; A Music Video in June


Ada’s Cypress in July; We Fly to LA in August; Another Dog Walk in Historic Nashville for September

Great Grandma Ada’s Tree

October We Find a House; Boosted in November, Thank You Dolly Parton!; Another New Haircut Selfie in December! Happy and Healthy 2022, It’s Getting Better All the Time

2020 vs 2021 More Brow, Less Pink

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of 2015

1 – Taking Great Grandma Ada and Hudson to Florida. This was done ostensibly to show her what snow birds everywhere know, winter is better when it’s warm

2 – Last winter was a wonderland because we actually had snow, and Buddha Baby, aka Buddy Boy, aka Jumpin Jack recognized his Nana and Pop Bob IMG_2487

3 – Whenever Bob does the dishes. I am forever grateful.  IMG_2165

4 – That time when the Rocker played on Dave Letterman

5 – Our trip to our favorite island IMG_2324

6 – Bob opening the expanded, brand spankin new ER

7 – My visits to the Shana Maidela, aka The Love Bug, aka Magoo II and her little baby brother too!IMG_2373

8 – Our trip to the Left Coast, “Welcome to LA!” IMG_2652

9 – Surviving Cervical Spine Surgery with some help from a young Jedi Knight  IMG_3235

10 – And I’m still trying to perfect the art of the Selfie, hint, sunglasses helpIMG_3646

Hope your 2016 is Happy, Healthy, and full of Harmony!

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