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Good Morning Everyone! Who knew that “Red Flag” warnings meant absolutely glorious weather. Not a cloud in sight! I didn’t even know what it meant; blue skies, 70’s, a good breeze and no rain? Seems perfect to me, but the weather folk want us to watch out for fires. So instead of red, let’s call this a Fuchsia Flag day! Miss Bean spotted 4 deer grazing down the hill and started her day with a romp and a good barking session. Her work is done.

And speaking of work, are you a procrastinator? I’ve noticed lately that due to my never-ending need to stay on trend, or with-it, I get to my actual writing later and later. First it was the Bride talking me into joining Facebook, and I must admit I was more up-to-date on the Egyptian revolution via Facebook than any other news outlet. Then, the Rocker told me that Facebook is over and Instagram is next. So snap, he took our picture with my iPhone and now I’m thinking visually all the time. Guess Facebook got that message cause they bought it for a Billion yesterday! http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57411451-93/instagram-how-to-go-from-zero-to-$1b-in-under-two-years/?tag=fd2010TopHeadlines.0
And you know about the tornado and Pinterest.

The promise was that I would check all these things in the same way I check my emails in the morning. Coffee, 20 emails, coffee, cousin gathering Easter eggs, coffee, cool pic of niece’s baby in pink forest, coffee, who just pinned my Celtic Barbie? Great! Only if you tend to be just a tiny bit ADD, one thing leads to another and you’re starting to write around lunchtime. Well hold on to your hats, cause I’m streamlining my tech-life, yesterday I took a bite out of the forbidden Apple! Goodbye ancient, ten year old desktop Dell PC, hello Mac Pro. You look marh-ve-lous!! No more rebooting every time I upload pictures from my camera… or every other day for no reason. Now wish me luck in learning how to speak this wonderful new language and can anyone explain the whole “in the cloud” thing to me? “There‚Äôs no need to dock or sync to your computer. With iCloud, it just works.” Exactly!

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