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A big Thank You to the great state of Pennsylvania! My birth state hasn’t exactly struck down its voter ID law, but a PA Commonwealth Court Judge had the good sense to put it on hold until after the election. It’s such a blatantly racist, and ageist piece of legislation, I had to wonder how it managed to get as far as it has in so many states…oh, yeah, the Tea Party. If foul language offends you, don’t watch Sarah Silverman’s video.

“Supporters of the measure, passed by a Republican state legislature and Republican governor, said it would help prevent electoral fraud. However, the state government conceded that there has never been a known case of in-person voter fraud.” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-19804500

Now if you live in PA, you may be asked for your valid, state sanctioned photo ID before you vote, just to intimidate you a little more, but have no fear. You can still vote even if you don’t have this particular piece of paper. But if you live in Indiana, Georgia, New Hampshire and possibly South Carolina you will have to comply with these new voter ID laws in order to solve a problem that doesn’t exist in order to get Mitt elected.

Please know your rights this November before you head out to the polls. In VA, we have until October 15th to register to vote…13 days from now. Make sure your name (did you marry or divorce and change your name?) and your address are current. Sarah’s nifty website can help you figure out if you’re good to vote: http://letmypeoplevote2012.com

Let freedom ring people!

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