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Here in the South, children go back to school very early. Maybe it’s our agricultural roots, but for some, backpacks are already packed, the yellow buses are rolling, and all the papers that must/be/signed have been returned to the school administration. I wonder if parents still have papers to sign, or have they gone paperless too?

For all my Northern friends, who insist that summer will last through Labor Day goshdarnit, here is a six worded memoir of summer so far.

My butterfly tree is done blooming, but the white hydrangeas are alive with golden monarch wings: Breathtaking photo copy

Sometimes, a Grandpa misses his little Love Bug, he takes to the sky for a quick trip to Nashville: Enchanting photo

On these wonderfully crisp mornings, the sleeping porch becomes an oasis of bird song and sun:  Musing IMG_1480

To prove that aging isn’t a dirty word, one Great Grandma tackled the wonders of the digital age:  Gratifying photo copy

Not wanting to be left behind, the local sport club’s pool beckoned for fun joint-pain-free exercise: Energizing  photo copy

And a fifth tooth has appeared in my dose of almost daily Baby Bug pictures, with bagel/on/nose: Captivating  photo copy 2

Hope your summer has been wonderful so far!


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At first glance, you may think I’m going to opine about some new exercise regimen, leg stretching perhaps? But no, this is a story about a tiny mishap. A politician’s vulnerable spot, a decision he/she made in her past that continues to haunt them long after that mistake was made right. In Missouri, a Pilatus PC-12/45 aircraft, the king of “small planes” worth $2.1 Million, is Claire McCaskill’s inflamed Achilles heel. A blue dog Democrat, known for her demands for transparency in government, she is still dealing with political jet lag, even though her husband sold the “damn” plane last year at a loss. Unfortunately for her, they had failed to pay over $300,000 in state back taxes and penalties on the plane; Claire said that was a “big, serious, sloppy mistake,” and the taxes were eventually paid. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/66863.html

Now granted, she has apologized, regrets ever owning the Pilatus, and has repaid the government, but Republicans smell blood in the water and attack ads are drowning her. We all know that an abominable amount of money will be spent in the next few months in 10 states, including my own. And I wonder just how long does it take for people to forget and/or forgive such a transgression? In 2010, Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter was re-elected, despite having acknowledged his involvement in a prostitution ring in 2007 – 3 years. Claire’s jet saga is just a year and a half old; will her constituents give her a pass? And it makes me wonder, why all the brouhaha over a plane, when a Presidential candidate continues to hide his tax returns in plain sight…

If you’ve ever wondered about private aviation, chartering and/or owning small jets to get around, instead of standing in lines and disrobing through security check points at commercial airports, here is a description of a Pilatus 12 for sale: “The popular six-seat platinum executive interior features articulating headrests on all seats, plus adjustible leg rests on the two aft seats. Three stowable tables, a refreshment cabinet and CD cabinet/iPod station are also provided, as well as a desirable fully-enclosed flushing lavatory.” But the kicker is the cabin is pressurized, meaning you can fly way over 9,000 ft, and have a faster, less bumpy ride without oxygen canulas in your nose! I recently met a woman who flies in that kind of style, with 2 pilots behind the wheels. It is rarefied air, a kind of “shall we build an elevator for our cars” wealth.

Some of you may have flown in a tiny, 4-seat, fixed-wing aircraft. Shall I compare Bob’s little Arrow to Claire’s Achille’s heel? Thou art more lovely and more temperate, like a well-loved, old VW bug to a Mazarati. Here it is in the shop for its annual exam, getting buffed and polished. Pilot Bob wants to be able to lift off the moment we hear those 4 little words – “I am in labor.” And a word to the wise, if you have the slightest thought of running for political office, hire a reputable tax attorney.

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