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It’s Grammy weekend. Y’all know I’m a diehard Stones girl right? Don’t ask me where Sam Smith came from, but I know a good deal about Beyonce and Taylor. The Queen and Princess of Pop Rock will undoubtedly steal the show. One of my favorite activities with the Love Bug is watching Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” video together, especially when she’s in her ballerina outfit!

However, If you want to hear some good old fashioned Rock and Roll, done right in a modern, creative way, the Rocker and his “ragged company” Parlor Mob, will be touring the West Coast this month. Starting out in LA on February 17th at The Echo and then heading north to San Francisco, they will play a total of six shows before going on to San Diego Feb 21st at the Soda Bar. They finish up in Las Vegas, and let’s hope that Pineapple Express has finished dropping a deluge of rain before their new LP “Cry Wolf” drops.

You can listen to the single, “Dead Man” on their website http://www.parlormob.com. Its dark lyrics, reminds me a little of one of my favorite Stones’ songs, “Dead Flowers.” But the atonal, hard driving guitar with Mark’s tenor rising above it all is pure Parlor Mob. The boys are back and brilliant on their own, sans the big label backing of their youth. You can tell they’ve seasoned, learned the business of music along the way. Their last record “Dogs” was voted Best Rock Album of the Year in 2011 by iTunes’ editors; they’ve got a great fan base, who never wanted to let them go. The Rocker is on keyboards and playing the white dueling guitar in this video from 2009:

I’ve been told that “Cry Wolf” will be on the new release and the PM website makes it easy to preorder. Even I could do it – made me feel like Madonna telling her fans how to download her video on Snapchat! HA, all you’ve got to do, “…when you’re sitting there in your silk upholstered chair,” is remember your PayPal password. Easy.

The Bride had been playing the harpsichord at Jockey Hollow in this blast from the past with her brother and Uncle Jeff and Grandma Ada. The lady on the right was the uncle’s girlfriend, I took the picture which is why I’m not in a lot of old pictures. Even then, you could see the twinkle in the little Rocker’s eye. Mothers Day Jockey Hollow 20150206

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What do Mick Jagger and Bond, James Bond have in common? The passage of time. This year is their Golden Anniversary. Yes folks, my generation has brought you the two most consistently successful entertainment franchises in the history of the universe. The Stones are set to tour the world, post Keith Richard’s head injury in Fiji; and Keith and Mick Jagger are the only original members left standing. Once the symbol of rebellion for me and mine, today they play for big bucks and family outings. Believe me, I loved the Beatles, just not as much as the Stones. I was a teenager on the banks of Lake St Joseph when my conversion began.

“And a band that was once synonymous with a riotous volatility has become — despite all commercial, cultural and chemical odds — a symbol of stability. Members now describe the band with an unexpected word for the Rolling Stones: discipline. ‘It requires quite a bit of discipline to be a Rolling Stone,’ Mr. Richards said. ‘Although it seems to be shambolic, it’s a very disciplined bunch.'”

As a young teen, my brother Dr Jim, always brought me to the Baker Theatre for a Bond double feature. Remember when you could see 2 movies for the price of 1, and get a good half an hour of Wylie Coyote cartoons as a prelude? Sounds like I’m dating myself, and I guess I am. But Bond hasn’t grown old. The Ian Fleming template began with the best, Sean Connery, and now only continues to get better with Daniel Craig. We have a new movie theatre in town, an Imax, and I’ve got a date with Bob on the calendar to see “Skyfall.” Here’s a little walk down memory lane http://www.eonline.com/photos/5837/23-best-and-worst-james-bond-movies/208602

Funny thing is, I saw the Stones at the Meadowlands for my 50th birthday and I’ve really no need to see them again. Unless, maybe someday, when the pre-teen Love Bug wants to see them? Let’s see, Mick will be about 80 by that time. I’ll be holding on so long!

Here is the octogenarian Great Grandma Ada holding our Sweet Thing – 4 generations of fabulous Rose-Lynn Girls. Bond Girls, move over!

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