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My absolute favorite NY Times’s columnist Tom Friedman has come out with a new book co-authored by Michael Mandelbaum, a foreign policy expert at Hopkins, “That Used to be Us: the Path for American Renewal.” Note to self – download on Kindle now! Every time I’d read one of Tom’s columns, I’d email it downstairs to Bob’s office, and he would reply with “Tom for President!” What is it about the world he seems to get? He takes a catholic view, in the purest definition of the word; meaning “…broad or wide-ranging in tastes, interests, or the like; having sympathies with all; broad-minded; liberal.”

Tom (we’re buddies dontcha know) talked on the Today Show about how our country got into the political and economic doldrums we seem to be suffering from currently. The subtitle to the book is, “How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back.” His point is that we have to find our way back to the Greatest Generation’s culture of sustainability, rather than the Baby Boomer’s generation of situational values. In other words, doing what feels good now isn’t going to get us back on top. China is overtaking us in so many ways. We need to save and invest in the future so we can have: the best education system; a sound infrastructure; allow for the best and brightest to immigrate; create rules (and enforce, my idea) for investment; and allow for government funded research.

After listening to that debate last night, which included references to border fences and Ponzi schemes, I’m not sure everybody’s listening. I hope our President reads the book before his speech on jobs. This is nothing new. I stood on line to get gas in the 70s and was the recipient of a  government funded grant to start-up an entry level social work position. We had a compost in the Berkshires, our friends always shared baby clothes and cribs and toys. Or we bartered. After Ada told me she had just made banana bread because her bananas were going bad, I looked at mine and pulled out a bowl to start mashing. Maybe I should learn how to darn, and not just knit socks?

Ada with the Bride-to-Be and MOH

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