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Here’s how it all started.

I was Wonder Woman this past weekend. I decided I needed an alias to care for the Grands, so I donned my new Brian Nash tee shirt of Diana Prince in her tiara. It worked!! Particularly for the three year old, he was perfectly happy to let me be in charge, and I tried my best to be a benevolent ruler.

I decided who would go first up and down the stairs.

I told the Love Bug that mud doesn’t “accidentally” get thrown on her brother, and she should apologize…like she means it.

And I told them both that if someone throws mud on them, they should throw mud back!

I agreed with their Father that we won’t “kill” bad guys, but we put alot of them in jail.

We learned that if we want to do something really really bad, that whining about it doesn’t make it happen.

The Love Bug said that singing more than one song at bedtime would be preferable. I sang four – two in Yiddish and two in English.

And I had NO idea how much they loved broccoli!

So today, as I was relaxing at my house, doing laundry and walking Ms Bean as usual, I heard about the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. I thought to myself, how can they have a roast of a President who has absolutely NO sense of humor? It makes zero sense. And I happened to see Anna Navarro skewer a Republican about Mr T’s misogynistic remarks on CNN, and the hypocrisy of the Trumpeteers.

Anna said that Latinas would kill each other if they even tried to do a comic roast, and I thought, yep Jews would also kill someone. Bashing somebody’s looks or their family or their competence would definitely be a death sentence. OTOH, in my Irish family, this sort of thing happened every day!

It was much ado about nothing for me. How can you find ANY humor in this presidency? The best bet would be to just put off the WHCD until we elect someone with a soul. And then I went to Whole Foods to shop for Cinco de Mayo.

We are hosting a neighborhood celebration and I will be teaching folks how to make my famous “Mango Tomatillo Salsa!” As I was checking out, I was impressed that the young man knew what tomatillos were, but even more impressed with the young woman bagger who remembered the code number. I told her my husband was also good with numbers.

“He still knows the phone number from my college dorm,” I said with pride.

Then she asked if we’d met in college, and I said, “Not exactly, we knew each other in high school but he went to Woodstock.” I usually have this sad, semi-sarcastic look on my face whenever I mention this split in the space-time universe of our lives, and she said semi-seriously:

“What’s that? Is it like Burning Man?”

The young man, who was a musician of course, gave her the same look I did. Incredulous. And I thought to myself, okay, I’m officially OLD. I’m that old person who is so cute but makes no sense. Who makes Google Maps route me without highways. Who pulls into parking spaces so she can pull out face first. Who is always losing her cell phone and forgetting her umbrellas all over town.

But I can still laugh at myself, and I can still relish a good joke. Changing lies to ashes to eye shadow was a great line about the Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is pretty astute at changing direction while her voice is like chalk on a chalkboard. And I won’t pick up the feminist card here, she is deserving of derision. GOP women can be just as deluded as men on policy issues.

“She is a fan of fantasy football, New Kids on the Block and the television show “Mad Men.”

All things I abhor. Maybe because I lived that Mad Men world, and it wasn’t pretty. Or funny. I’d rather be Wonder Woman, any day.






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The first time I ever heard about a “meat and three” restaurant was while visiting the Bride after their move to Nashville. In all my time spent in New England, then later on the Jersey Shore, and even here in Central Virginia I’d never heard of the “meat and three.’ But right around the corner in the Bride and Groom’s neighborhood there it stood; a tiny shack that looked like it was about to be condemned, and like the infamous Grilled Cheeserie food truck, it has eluded me ever since.

You are supposed to pick a meat – beef, chicken, pork – and then choose three side dishes from a large assortment. These may include: slaw; fried corn; stewed apples; candied yams; mashed potatoes; black eyed peas; lima beans; collard greens; mac and cheese; you get the picture. Usually it is all served up with corn bread and sweet tea. This place was only open for lunch, but it was always packed with people and parking was a nightmare. It was surrounded by high-dollar, swanky joints that opened at night with $30 entrees and valet parking.

It’s surprising that the Food Channel doesn’t have some sort of segment on this classic Southern theme, unless that Diners and Dives show is supposed to be a way of blending the ubiquitous Northern diner, all shining steel and mirrors with pies in a turntable kiosk, with the meat and three. Its chef is Guy Fieri, who “…hunts down America’s best little-known greasy spoons and samples their can’t-miss menu items.” Although, when I think of a greasy spoon, it’s usually a breakfast place. Still, lunch like a mini Thanksgiving dinner is pretty good for about $7!

Sorry to say, this Nashville mainstay has closed. “The oldest meat-and-threes in the area, was also the most popular. No one would mind the worn floors, dusty windowsills or creaky booths.” It was a place where the waitresses were sure to call you “Honey” and make you feel right at home. http://www.meatandthree.com

Back at home, cooking for two requires just one exemplary side dish imho.  So I thought I’d share my favorite summer side du jour. One day in Whole Foods, I picked up a small container of cubed feta cheese and olives in olive oil with fresh herbs. So I decided to mix that with some chopped organic kale, chickpeas, local cucumbers, fancy white almonds and cherry tomatoes. I sprinkled in some fresh parsley from the deck, and poured on a little truffle flavored balsamic vinegar glaze with a pinch of Crazy Susan’s garlic salt and viola, it’s my Southern Cville side!   photo

It’s too late for me to visit Nashville’s meat and three. But I may have to learn how to bake a chess pie!

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Liza BanceOur new Whole Foods opened with a bang this week. Really. After negotiating the 3 traffic cops and finally parking, we were trumpeted in by a right fine bluegrass/gospel band. It almost felt like I was in the Music City. The singer/songwriter’s name is Liza Bance, and she could belt out a rich tune like nobody’s business. We liked the group so much we bought their album, How Long Must I Wait

Bob said with a smile, “This is shopping as an experience!” He was reluctant to come with me since he is of the notion that real men don’t shop. When necessary, they go into a store with a mission in mind and get out as soon as they possibly can. I have to admit this was my second trip in their opening week, after having lunch there with two knitting buddies. There’s the Brit and then there’s Tracey. I met her at the Needle Lady after she spied my Fair Haven yarn shop bag; “Say, I used to live there, in Red Bank.” Then we found out we both worked at the same newspaper. She was one of the founding members, and I was a lowly reporter who emailed copy in from home for the most part. We talked about our country lives, and Tracey thinks I should keep bees! Small world.

Reclaimed wood

Here are the highlights of both trips to Whole Foods, besides the band: Lavender tea loaves; freshly made sweet potato gnocchi (which the chef recommended I fry!); a wine and beer bar where you can actually sit down and drink folks; four fresh salad and hot food bars; a pizza oven; a psychedelic hamburger truck; and of course more locally sourced food than I ever thought was possible….And because we are in the People’s Republic of Charlottesville, people watching is an artform in itself.

Starr Hill beer

My absolutely favorite thing was the stunning bulk dry food reclaimed wooden cabinets….felt like the ’70s when we participated in a food co-op in the Berkshires!

I have decided to make all future Tuesday  posts “Tantalizing and Tasty” – in other words, there will be a recipe involved. Can you guess what my Whole Foods stash will become?

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